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Kerri Winston, Licensed Acupuncturist and Ph.D. Scientist. Cornell MBA.

Kerri Winston graduated with a Master of Science degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in 2003. During acupuncture school, she completed internships in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Japanese Medicine (TJM) clinics as well as specialties in acupuncture sports medicine and geriatrics. She also worked in all of PCOM's various off-site clinics for homeless individuals. In becoming a licensed acupuncturist, she changed careers from chemical engineering/biotechnology (University of Washington, Ph.D., 1998; Prairie View A&M University, B.S.Ch.E., 1992) to work more closely with people in an alternative medical field of study and to practice of holistic health care, for which she has a passion. Kerri is licensed by NCCAOM, the national body that oversees licensed acupuncturists in the United States. She also received state licensure in Georgia and California. She is also an active member of American Mensa.

Since shortly after her graduation from acupuncture school, she has studied in Japan with seasoned practitioners Ikeda Masakazu sensei (since 2004; ongoing) and Edward Obaidey (2004-2015). Being able to learn from such an esteemed teacher as Ikeda sensei in his clinic is a rare honor that is not a usual part of the training for acupuncturists educated exclusively in America, and it does make a difference. The tools and techniques she uses are unique among acupuncture options that may be found in Atlanta. Her style is tailored to each person for that day of treatment. People who are afraid of needles or who have had painful experiences before with dry needling or the like will be at ease with a more gentle, tailored and specific treatment that takes these factors into consideration. The resulting treatments are more 'hands-on' as compared to most TCM methods, which she is also well adept at, having graduated from a TCM school in California. The treatments are comfortable and highly effective. She has a loyal following of patients, many of whom have been visiting the clinic since its change in ownership from Valerie Brown, L.Ac. (who moved to California) in 2006. Come in and experience treatment for yourself! 

In May 2003, Kerri graduated from Cornell University with a dual degree -- an Executive MBA and an MS in Healthcare Policy and Research from Cornell University in New York State. This experience was the culmination of two years of commuting between Atlanta and New York City and sometimes Ithaca, New York for 2-3 weekends per month, and lots of teamwork and individual assignments. She also simultaneously completed a certification from the BioEntrepreneurship Initiative at Cornell as a member of its inaugural cohort. 



Kerri Winston Outside of Work

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, watching foreign films, and traveling, especially internationally. For exercise, I like spinning, tai chi and qigong, kettlebell swings, barre, and Tracy Anderson workouts. Other interests include spending time with family and friends, and I enjoy attending outdoor farmers markets. I am a big fan of Alabama Football (ROLL TIDE!!!!) the Olympic Games, bossa nova music, documentaries, and foreign films. I am never without a book; a proponent of lifelong learning. 

Kerri's To-The-Point: The Gallup Strengths Finder test results show that I am strongest in Input (curiosity), Intellection (thinking), Learner, Connectedness (‘we are all one’), and Harmony (finding common ground among different perspectives). Those words describe my strengths well. I will always be learning and I will always care about people, animals, and our environment. How grateful I am to have a career and life in which it is an advantage to care about people and to engage in lifelong learning! It works for me.