Thank you for being a supportive listener and for helping me do my shots.  




Without you, he (our newborn son) wouldn't have been possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   




The twins turned one on 11/20! What a year we have had. And you will not believe this -- I'm pregnant! I will always be grateful for the help you gave me.  



Back and Leg Pain, Insomnia

I appreciate your good nature and want to partake of the artisanal acupuncture that you provide.  



Neck Pain, Stress

Thank you for putting me back together again (over and over) in 2014!  




My doctor gave us a one-half of one percent chance of getting pregnant at age 38 with a day three FSH level of 28. I went to see Kerri twice a week for several weeks, and we got pregnant within two menstrual cycles. After a healthy pregnancy, our precious daughter was born. I will be forever grateful. Kerri was such a source of strength and support to me through the entire process. Thank you, Acupuncture Works!



Kerri is a rock star! She encouraged me to not give up on my dreams of having a second child, and thanks to her wonderful work, I gave birth in October. We are overjoyed, and I am convinced it could not have happened without her.



Thanks, Kerri, for being a part of the team responsible for the conception of my child/ren.

P.B., M.C., D.S., S.N., A.T., and countless others.

Sciatic Pain

The sciatica that went down my right leg and had me sidelined was cured in one visit. Thanks Kerri and Acupuncture Works.



I had recurring, debilitating migraines for years. I used to have to take medication and lie down in a dark, cold room when I felt an attack coming on, and I had them every month before my period. My condition got better after a few acupuncture treatments. Now, I get them maybe two or three times a year, and they are not nearly as severe. I still come to Acupuncture Works every two weeks to keep the headaches away. Acupuncture is working for me.



After three acupuncture sessions during the first week, I went from a pack-a-day habit down to six cigarettes a day. I was eventually able to quit completely about two weeks later with less frequent treatments and going to Nicotine Anonymous. The acupuncture really helped when everything else had failed.


Ulcerative Colitis

I am a competitive runner, and I used to have to stop and use the bathroom during my training runs. It was very inconvenient at best to have to live this way. After two treatments with Kerri, I was able to make it through a long run without having to go. The acupuncture treatments made all of the difference.


Arm Pain

This is such a place of healing and peace! 


Neck/Shoulder Pain

My neck feels better already. I'm going to write you a good review on Yelp!