Case Studies: Labor and Delivery

Labor Induction

Female patient was 36 years of age, due with her second child in two days. She has come in on a Thursday, on the recommendation of a friend who came in a few months earlier for the same reason (in the earlier case, the friend started labor the same night of acupuncture treatment and gave birth the next day, although she was medically induced as well). The baby was already in a head-down position. Treatment was performed involving areas on the patient's legs and feet, back, and shoulders. I advised that, based on my pulse reading, she would not go into labor the same day, "but maybe tomorrow". 

What happened, in the patient's words: "My water started slowly leaking on Thursday evening after I saw you. Contractions began on Friday a little after 5 pm and baby girl was born at 8:45 pm Friday evening! Labor was so very fast that we didn't even make it to the hospital. She was born at home and delivered by a Grady Hospital EMT! We are all happy and healthy and loving this special time with our baby girl! So, whatever you did worked! Thank you so much." 

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