When They Tell You Where to Put the Needle

At Ikeda sensei's recent San Francisco seminar, an issue came up during the first day of lecture that seems to affect many of us in the acupuncture world - patients who tell the acupuncturist where to put the needle. 

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Regularly-Scheduled Acupuncture Treatments

The benefits of coming in regularly for acupuncture are too numerous to consider here. Some of the main ones are that treatment truly benefits your overall health, no matter what symptoms you are experiencing (or not). Receiving treatment allows your body to relax and reset to function more...

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As a health care practitioner who spends lots of time with patients one-on-one behind closed doors, I hear a lot of confessional statements from them about situations in their lives. A patient the other day said, “Acupuncture makes a person talk! It’s been a long time since I opened up or even...

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Experiences in Japan

I have recently returned to Atlanta from visits to Japan for most of December 2007 and for about 12 days in July 2008. Both trips were wonderful. I went to learn from my teachers, and came back infinitely richer in many ways than before I left. My Japanese language skills seem to be both...

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