Regularly-Scheduled Acupuncture Treatments

The benefits of coming in regularly for acupuncture are too numerous to consider here. Some of the main ones are that treatment truly benefits your overall health, no matter what symptoms you are experiencing (or not). Receiving treatment allows your body to relax and reset to function more efficiently in all of its bodily processes:  digestion, sleep, metabolism, menstruation for women in the childbearing years, pain management, etc. Coming in regularly also allows your acupuncturist to know better what makes your body stay ‘on the rails’ and how to prevent it from going off. For me, I really enjoy working with the patients who come once or more per week because we get to try lots of different methods to achieve the most effective outcomes. We learn very quickly what helps more than other techniques and approaches at that time and state of health. We can adjust our treatments that have been working to work more effectively with consideration of what’s going on in terms of their current stressors, the weather, or anything else that could be affecting them. There is less pressure on me to try to address all of their health issues at once or to just choose a few because it will a while before I see them again.

The people who only come when they feel they need a tune-up are gaining some benefit but they are missing out on the deep rewards of having their ki mechanisms optimized on a regular basis. I admit that I am not always the best at telling my patients they should come in more frequently; I don’t want to add one more thing onto the full plates they already have of things to do. So I am telling you now directly -- my treatments will help you on some level whenever you come in but they don’t last forever. We can work together on rates (costs) per visit if that’s what’s holding you back from coming in more often. So consider it, and plan to get acupuncture more often than you have been getting it if you are not already coming in every week or at least every month. You will see even better results in areas that you weren’t paying attention to before. It’s like the effects of exercise -- when you are young, you may not notice the differences as much between those who exercise regularly and those who do not. But because we are all getting older, have a look at the people you know who work out compared to non-exercisers. The exercisers almost always have more energy, better weight control, and healthier statistics as measured by any standard. Why not exercise, at least sometimes, on a regular basis if you are able to do so? Similarly, why not get acupuncture regularly? Your excuses aren’t working! Please think it over.

Kerri Winston, Ph.D., L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist with a practice in Atlanta, Georgia's Buckhead area. If you are interested in learning more about how acupuncture can help you or your loved ones, please call 404-949-0550 or send email to