As a health care practitioner who spends lots of time with patients one-on-one behind closed doors, I hear a lot of confessional statements from them about situations in their lives. A patient the other day said, “Acupuncture makes a person talk! It’s been a long time since I opened up or even thought about the topics I’m discussing with you.” Sometimes, I feel that I have heard it all, from admissions about affairs that they are considering having to what they really do for a living (high-priced call girl, etc.) to health conditions they have that they haven't mentioned to their spouses yet. When placed in this role, it is my job both to listen without judgment and, in some cases, to make the suggestion the patient see a trained, licensed counselor or therapist for additional assistance. But most importantly, I have to assess how what they've just disclosed to me is affecting their health that day. Often, there's something; some link that can be drawn between what we have discussed in hushed tones and the condition of their body. Our emotions show up all over our bodies and it serves us to know what to observe. I am honored to be able to act as a sounding board for them in that way. Sometimes people just want to be heard. Especially when they've sought acupuncture for some kind of a pain condition, these patients usually get better fast..


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