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Treating Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido with East Asian Medicine

Here are two related topics that are often mentioned to me in hushed tones, after we have talked virtually all of the other health issues the patient wants to address using acupuncture: erectile dysfunction and low libido. For men, erectile dysfunction can be a difficult subject to broach, especially from the affected patient to a female practitioner. Still, bringing it up is the first step...

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Unexplained Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“Every time I sit down, I fall asleep. It’s getting embarrassing.”“I am just so tired. There are all of these things I need to get done, but I’m so exhausted by the end of the day, there’s no way.”“In my 20s, I was a machine. Now (in my 40s), I need an afternoon nap everyday. Too bad I only get to take one on the weekends.”

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Origins of Japanese Acupuncture

Many people in the Western world may not be aware that there are several different styles of acupuncture. While China is credited as the place where acupuncture originated, many indigenous cultures practiced some form of what we now call acupuncture and acupressure on painful areas using a variety of implements found in their environments - rocks, animal bones, and twigs and branches. Migration...

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Secondary Infertility and East Asian Medicine

When a woman who has gotten pregnant before has trouble getting pregnant or going to term with a pregnancy during a subsequent try, the experience can be frustrating and disheartening. Secondary infertility is generally defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after a year of unprotected and appropriately timed intercourse when one or both partners have previously conceived children.

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