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Acupuncture Detective—A Fertility Case

One of my fertility patients came in recently following a cycle during which she did not become pregnant. At times, I have been known to verbally analyze the details of an unsuccessful cycle with patients who care to discuss it; I personally always want to learn from such cycles and figure out what we can do differently for the next time.

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Regularly-Scheduled Acupuncture Treatments

The benefits of coming in regularly for acupuncture are too numerous to consider here. Some of the main ones are that treatment truly benefits your overall health, no matter what symptoms you are experiencing (or not). Receiving treatment allows your body to relax and reset to function more efficiently in all of its bodily processes:  digestion, sleep, metabolism, menstruation for women in the...

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How I Got Into This, Part 2

More about how I became a licensed acupuncturist -- the part about what happened with school and life after Part 1.

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That’s It—No More Insurance Filing

Summarizes why this office will no longer file insurance.

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Learning Acupuncture Traditionally

 I am a lucky student in Edward Obaidey's Tokyo clinic, going back and forth whenever possible between there and my own place in the United States. "A Long Road" is a universal, practical, relatable guide for any practitioner of acupuncture anywhere, not just the ones of us with a preference for so-called Japanese-style techniques. 

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Posture for Receiving Acupuncture Treatment

Ideally, patients should be in a relaxed and open body position to receive acupuncture. People don't always seem to know how they should situate themselves for the treatment session, so this post is meant to serve as a friendly instructional note or a reminder. Sometimes people go into positions subconsciously, not realizing that their treatments can be affected by it. 

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Travels in Peru

A great opportunity came my way in June 2011 to visit the country of Peru in South America. It was my first time there. After flying across the Pacific many times back and forth to Asia, the six hour flight to Lima and the one hour time difference between Atlanta and Peru seemed like nothing. This trip was a vacation from work, which was much needed and I think, well deserved. At the same time,...

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Little Patients

With acupuncture, some patients start very young. This is actually a good thing considering that treament of the energetic channels in children can help them with immunity, digestive disturbances, and motor problems. As a rule, children are usually not treated using needles. We have other tools to use on them, owing to the fact that they move around so frequently and unexpectedly at times. A...

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Chance Meetings: Triplets

Because I see lots of fertility patients, I often follow up with parents-to-be (mostly mothers, but sometimes the fathers, too) throughout their pregnancies and beyond. So far, at least three of the couples I've seen have had triplets. I think of them from time to time with gratitude that I was able to participate in some way in these healthy pregnancies, although they are often beset with some...

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Keeping Us Well

One thing that struck me during my visits to Japan was the way that everyday people went to the acupuncturist when there was nothing "wrong"; meaning when there was no health problem to speak of. There seemed to be two types of people who got their acupuncture or herbal formulas faithfully -- those who either wanted to preserve and enhance the healthy vitality that they already had, or those...

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